Phonographies at Nightingale Theatre, Brighton 30.8.13

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Live event with film, phonographs and voice on 30 August 2013 in Brighton, UK at the Nightingale Theatre.

Recordings on wax cylinder made by Aleksander Kolkowski

Event organised by Katy Price

Sound at event and video documentation by Drew Milne


Score / Typestract

from Sprigs and spots (Lace 1930) 08.11.12

A film for live performance as  part of  “SPEECH ACTS, 1” curated by Caroline Bergvall in the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, Cambridge. 8th November, 2012. (With thanks to the BFI Archive for use of the refashioned, Lace, 1930). With thanks to Drew Milne for documentation and to Jeremy Hardingham for sound interventions.

SPRIGS & spots, Wide Range Chapbooks (2012).

Lost Pool

The Lost Swimming Pool (London, June 2010) was a site-specific Installation and performance (for Esther Williams and the Lost Olympics; and for Jane Holloway and Elizabeth Jesser Reid). In part an homage to Esther Williams who would have represented the US as a swimmer in the 1940 Summer Games had they not been cancelled, and an examination of women’s physical education at the moments of the founding of Bedford and Royal Holloway Colleges.

Project conceived and directed by Redell Olsen in collaboration with Libby Worth, Gillian Wylde, Ruth Livesey, and Drew Milne.

Text: Redell Olsen

Film Footage: Gillian Wylde and Redell Olsen

Film Editing: Gillian Wylde

Choreography: Libby Worth in collaboration with Gillian Wylde,  Ruth Livesey, Redell Olsen and Seymour Synchro Swim School.

Research and Found Material: Ruth Livesey

Sound: Drew Milne